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Hellman 117. Auktion Bücher etc.

13. - 14. März 2020
Hellman Auctions Ltd
Noutokatu 3
FI-21100 Naantali

Tel. +358 2254 7200

instagram: @hellmanhuutokaupat
twitter: @SFPhuutokaupat
facebook: @hellmanhuutokaupatsfp

Besondere Auktionsbedingungen:

22 % Kommission werden zu dem Zuschlagspreis in Rechnung gestellt (incl. MwSt.). Zusätzlich werden 5 Euro Bearbeitungsgebühr + Versandkosten für die Lieferung berechnet.

× 22 % Kommission werden zu dem Zuschlagspreis in Rechnung gestellt (incl. MwSt.). Zusätzlich werden 5 Euro Bearbeitungsgebühr + Versandkosten für die Lieferung berechnet.

Hellman Auktionen

You can make advance bids in writing by mail, fax and email or through our website Old customers may also make bids by telephone. We must have all advance bids by one day before auction day, at 12:30 p.m. online bidding closes on 1 p.m. The auctioneer takes the advance bids into consideration on the actual auction day, starting from the lowest possible price. Bidding will start from the second highest bid shown on our website + one increase, or from the starting price if there are no other bids. We retain the right to reject any bids without having to give any particular reason, or to demand a security for them. The items remain the property of the sellers until they have been fully paid for.
When you want to make a bid for an item at the auction site, hold your personal buyer’s number up. The buyer’s numbers are available at the registration desk outside the auction site. You cannot participate in the auction without a buyer’s number.

A 22% commission will be added to the final auction price confirmed by auctioneer. Our invoicing applies the margin scheme that is applicable to collector’s items and antiquities according to VAT Act Article 79a. Our invoices do not contain deductible VAT.

Those who made successful bids at the auction site are required to pay for the items immediately. Payment shall be effected in cash or by bank card. Handling fee of 5 EUR will be added.
We aim to invoice all customers within two workdays of the auction. The items will be sent after the payment has been received. We charge a handling fee of 5 EUR plus postage according to actual mailing costs for each consignment. We ask our customers to inform of any special requests on the delivery before the end of the auction. Where the special requests result in excessive workload, we reserve the right to invoice the costs incurred. The minimum charge is 15 EUR.

Payments, remarks and returns, if any, shall be made within one week of receipt of items. In accordance with the general international practice, collections and lots cannot be returned. Therefore the starting prices of most lots and collections are low, usually just a fraction of their catalogue values. There are always both better and worse items in the collections and lots. We recommend that you come and check them in advance. When you return a single item, please always state your reason, your customer number and number of invoice.
The items which the buyer wants to have certified after the auction(extension procedure) shall be notified to the auctioneer in good time before the auction so that the matter can be jointly agreed upon. Certification shall take place within 20 days from the auction date, and the buyer undertakes to pay all the expenses related to certification thus agreed upon. If the buyer wants to return an certified item, it must be delivered to the auctioneer within 30days from the auction date, in the same condition as it was auctioned.

When more than one bidder holds his or her number up at the auction site, the auctioneer keeps increasing the price in accordance with the table below until there is only one bidder left.
  • 20 € – 48 €    eachincrease is 2 €
  • 50 € – 95 €    eachincrease is 5 €
  • 100 € – 290 €    eachincrease is 10 €
  • 300 € – 980 €    eachincrease is 20 €
  • 1000 € – 1950 €    eachincrease is 50 €
  • 2000 € – 4900 €    eachincrease is 100 €
  • 5000 € – and above    each increase is 200 €


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