AAK Phila GmbH
Our "Darmstadt Stamp Auctions" will be held 3 times a year.
Antiquitäten Callies

Auction house Callies has been acquiring and selling antiques for many years.
We specialize in estimating valuables from single objects up to whole collections or estates. Our auctions offer a wide range ...

Auction Galleries Hamburg
For more than 40 years philatelic auctions take place at the „Reichenhof“ – located in the city of Hamburg in the „Kontorhausviertel“ (UNESCO World Heritage Site). You too can take ...
Auktionshaus Kempf
Zu unserem Service gehört der An- und Verkauf von Antiquitäten, Sammlungen und Nachlässen.
Außerdem führen wir jährlich mindestens zwei Kunst-Auktionen mit nahezu allen ...
Auktionshaus Kiefer

Company information on KIEFER rare books

In 1979, Peter Kiefer founded, inspired by his passions for collecting antiquarian books, the Antiquarian Bookshop Peter Kiefer. After the turnover and the ...

Auktionshaus Lux
We present 5 auctions per year from estates and private consignments:

Silver - Jewellery - glass - porcelain - ceramics
Painting - Graphics - Oriental rugs - Sculptures - Furniture
from ...
Auktionshaus Ulrich Felzmann
The auction house Ulrich Felzmann GmbH & Co. KG was founded 1976 in Düsseldorf. Established and owned by Ulrich Felzmann, it is one of leading german auction companies. The company conducts ...
Auktionshaus Weiser

Our offices are located at the heart of Frankfurt, a pulsing financial city home to countless national and ...

Auktionshaus Zofingen
Founded in 1989 the Zofingen auction house is currently being managed by a young and innovative team. Its established goal is to spark interest for the extraordinary offering a wide range of unique items including ...
Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers
For 70 years Bruun Rasmussen has been the bridge between buyers and sellers of unique pieces of art and collectors items. With the most extensive experience and professional advice, valuation and communication of the ...
Burda Auction, s.r.o.
Since 2006 the name of Burda Auction has stood for excelent auctions in the Czech Republic. With its professionalism, quality, competence and first class services, Burda Auction become the leading auction house in the ...
Cherrystone Auktion
Every two months, in the heart of New York City, Cherrystone holds a major international auction sale, featuring over 3,000 lots including: Important Rarities, Postal History and elusive items of the ...
Corinphila Veilingen
Corinphila Veilingen is one of The Netherlands' leading auctioneers specialising in first-class stamp auctions. Our discerning international clientèle has put its trust in us since 1974.

Live ...
Deider Briefmarkenauktionen
Siegfried Deider is an official sworn auctioneer and has been a professional philatelist for more than 50 years, including some years as a manager with several renowned companies. 1985 he established ...
Dr. Reinhard Fischer Auktionen
Das Auktionshaus Dr. Reinhard Fischer in Bonn veranstaltet sechs Auktionen mit jeweils etwa 8000 Losen – Briefmarken und Münzen - im Jahr. Das Unternehmen wurde 1984 gegründet, seit 1991 werden Auktionen ...
Dresdner Briefmarken Auktion
We stand for 60 years business experience, 2 annual auctions, fair buyers' and sellers' commissions, exact and timely post-auction invoicing and complete online listings.
Edgar Mohrmann Auktion
Company history

Since the year 1840, when stamps began to fascinate mankind, millions of collectors throughout the world have spent much of their time with these little precious, ...


Am Anfang stand die Faszination für Schmuck. Mit einem Juweliergeschäft fing es vor 30 Jahren an. Heute steht Eppli für zwei Auktionshäuser, mehrere Standorte und einen ...

Galerie Dreyfus
Gärtner Christoph Auktionshaus
Auction firm Christoph Gärtner is one of the world’s leading auction houses. Started in 1984 in the philatelic business, today the auction firm conducts three to four auctions per year with more than 30,000 ...
Gert Müller Auktionen
Gert Müller auctions has been established in 1951 and ever since been on the market with sophisticated philatelic offers. Numerous collections of well renowned philatelists have been dissolved ...
H.R. Harmer
H.R. Harmer was founded in 1940. In 1946, H.R. Harmer Inc. of New York was selected to sell the late President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s stamp collection. This represented the first of many important landmark ...
Hadersbeck Auktion
International offer including a large section of lots and collections
For more than 35 years, Ehrengut brothers Hubert and Thomas have been running the HBA Hanseatische Briefmarkenauktionen auction house with two floor auctions on international scale in the cosmopolitan city of Hamburg, ...
Heickmann Auktionshaus
Auction house for arts HEICKMANN KG have been in business for more than 20 years conducting antiques auctions covering any imaginable collecting field from Chemnitz/Saxonia, Germany.
Hellman Auktionen
Hellman Auctions Ltd holds two public auctions every year and each sale offers 2000-2800 expertly described lots. Auctions include always a lot of worldwide postal history, mainly in intact lots and ...
Hettinger Auktionen

From Ottobrunn to Dessau, from Upper Bavaria to Saxony Anhalt - this is the history of the Hettinger auction house. The renowned professional philatelist and successful author Jürgen Hettinger founded the ...

Historisches Wertpapierhaus AG
Die HWPH Historisches Wertpapierhaus AG ist eines der führenden Auktionshäuser für Historische Wertpapiere weltweit. Das Team um Vorstand Matthias Schmitt veranstaltet zwei Auktionen pro Jahr: eine in ...
Karl-Heinz Cortrie GmbH
Cortrie Specialized Auction Sales

3 annual auctions for banknotes, coins, emergency money and decorations.
Karl-Heinz Cortrie GmbH
Cortrie Watches and Jewelry Auction Sales
Landshuter Rüstkammer GmbH & Co. KG
Wir führen regelmäßig internationale Auktionen mit verschiedenen Fachbereichen durch und sind mehrmals im Jahr mit Informationsständen auf Waffen- und Antiquitätenmessen im In- und Ausland ...
Leininger Auktionshaus
Established in 2010 and located in the heart of a medieval castle village, our house specializes in art and auctions.

Our extensive array of goods includes antiques such as paintings, ...
Marti Hervera and Soler y Llach
Ancient coins, also a focus on Spain and colonies, gold coins and a worldwide selection.
Mirko Franke Auktion

Established 1990, international auctions since 1995. "When it comes to stamps, confidence and security for buyers and sellers are the ...

Nordphila e.K.
Die Firma nordphila  wurde 1971 gegründet, und hat sich auf Fern- und Online Briefmarkenauktionen spezialisiert.

Unser Auktionshaus veranstaltet zur Zeit jährlich 6 Fernauktionen mit ...
The Boule auction house is located in the heart of the Drouot district in Paris, directed by Stéphane and Jason Boule, assisted by Ana Nyzhalska. Present on the market for more than 40 years, we're happy to ...
Phila-Live - Christ-Stamps

The Online Auction from Germany's fist stamp shop on the WWW.

Philatelic Service of Finland
Philatelic Service of Finland holds four online auctions every year and each sale offers 3000-4000 lots. Auctions include always a lot of worldwide postal history, mainly in intact lots and collections and also as ...
ProCollecta Stamps Auctions
ProCollecta was recently founded in Belgium( 2019) and offers stamps with a focus on Belgium and a selection of good quality stamps for collectors of all sorts. We do not limit ourselves only to Belgium, but also ...
Rapp Auktionen

For almost half a century, Rapp Auctions has enjoyed the trust of its discerning clientele. As an auction house of high professional calibre, Rapp has one of the highest turnovers internationally in its ...

Rare Paper
Rare Paper is an online store and auction with a varied selection of postcards, photographs, ephemera and other collectible papers. We buy and sell single items as well as entire collections.
Raritan Stamps
An international auction house holding quarterly live auctions (phone and online bidders). We offer gold and silver coins from all over the world, rare postage stamps and postal history with a focus on Russian and ...
Skanfil Auksjoner
Auctions focusing on Norway and Scandinavian territories.
St. Justinus
Qui sommes nous ?

Des philatélistes et des idéalistes
Peter Squindo, responsable
Peter Keller
Christian Feldhausen
Bruno Wallimann
Alois Müller
Teutoburger Münzauktion GmbH
We specialize in trading gold, jewellery and coins. Our portfolio offers gold, silver, watches, jewellery, decorations, militaria, bank notes and more. You will also find a wide range of foreign and old German coins and ...
Veuskens Auktionen
Auction house Veuskens will always attach great importance to its tradition. For over 200 years we have maintained our merchant tradition directly from generation to generation. We have also been ...
Wormser Auktionshaus
Wormser Auktionshaus für Spielzeug, Militaria, Kunst und Münzen, seit 1985
Yves Siebers Auktionen
Die Schwerpunkte unseres Hauses sind angewandte Kunst, Antiquitäten und Design.
Darüber hinaus sind wir auf Nachlässe und Sammlungen spezialisiert.
Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch in der ...
Zurich Asia

The auction house is managed by Louis Mangin.  Passionate about stamps since the age of ten, Louis is a qualified attorney from the New York State bar who has worked in top tier investment banks for several ...