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Ordering at Antiquessearch?

Antiquessearch offers dealers and well known auction houses a unique platform to sell antiques worldwide through the internet.
Our search engine is able to find your wanted items using many different search criteria.
As a registered user, you will also have the advantage, that our search engine is able to notify you about all new arrivals, which match your search criteria.

How to Order

Bei Antiquessearch gibt es verschiedene Angebote: Die "Festpreis-Ware" kann direkt bestellt werden. Bei den Online-Auktions-Angeboten werden Sie automatisch mit der Auktions-Seite verbunden. Sofort nach Ihrer Anmeldung können Sie anfangen zu bieten. Weiterhin präsentiert Antiquessearch ausgewählte Saalauktionen. Hier leiten wir Ihre Gebote automatisch an die entsprechenden Auktionshäuser weiter.

There are different kinds of offers you can find at Antiquessearch. All "fixed price" offers can be directly ordered. For online-auction offers you will be automatically linked to the auction site, where you register yourself and start bidding. Antiquessearch also presents major public auctions. Antiquessearch will forward your bids directly to the auction companies.
If you find anything you like in our "fixed price" lists, you can have a closer look on the item by clicking the order number. You will now see all details. If you are interested, just add the item to your shopping cart. Now you can continue browsing through the stock. If you are finished with looking, push the "shopping cart" button and you have a clear look on all items you've selected. Now you can either remove items from the shopping basket by taking them back or you start your order by clicking the order button. You are now requested to input your name and address and - most important - your E-Mail address. Antiquessearch will now transmit the order to the participating dealers. You will receive an order confirmation directly from them through E-Mail. The actual buying contract will be made between you and the dealer you are ordering from.

General terms and conditions applying for all participating dealers:

Satisfaction Guarantee:

For all fixed price items bought through Antiquessearch, there is a full money back guarantee for all items returned ten days after receipt.

Advantages for registered User

After becoming a registered User, you have the chance to use all capabilities of the Antiquessearch - searchengine. You can store your antiques querys on our server. If you don't want to miss any new arrivals, Antiquessearch can notify you about all new arrivals matching your search criteria. "My Antiquessearch" becomes your "command center", where you can start your querys and activate our notifying service. And the best thing at the end. There are no costs becoming a registered Antiquessearch user.

Auctions at Antiquessearch

You will find 2 kinds of auction offers at Antiquessearch.. You will have full access to all offers of the Antiquessearch online-auction. Also Antiquessearch integrates auction catalogues of well known auction houses into our search engine. You can send your bids through Antiquessearch directly to the auction house.

Participating Dealer

In Antiquessearch, you will find offers from the following stamp dealers. If you like to join, don't hesitate to contact our representative Franz Fedra.