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Marti Hervera and Soler y Llach


Our auction rooms are not"online"like others you can find on the Internet. This means that they are public auctions that take place in our auction rooms which you may attend if you wish (apart from auctions marked"exclusively by post").

This website complements the traditional ways of biddingin an auction room, by post, by fax or over the phone), by adding the possibility of bidding over the Internet.

On the [Forthcoming auctions]page, you will find the list of the auctions to be carried out, including all the lots with their description, starting price and, in most cases, their photograph.

To place a bid for the lot in which you are interested, you should introduce the sum in the box and click on the [Save]button. Repeat this process for each lot for which you wish to bid. At any time, you can see the list of the lots for which you have placed your bid by clicking on[See bids saved]. When you have completed your bids, you should once again click on [See bids saved]and, from there, fill in your data and send the bidding form. The system will automatically send us an e-mail with the list of the lots for which you have placed bids and will send another one to you, confirming its reception.
If you find it more convenient, you may consult thecomplete cataloguefor the auction in PDF format.

You can also visit our auction rooms to examine the lots in person, from the date indicated under the section"Examining the lots", until an hour before the auction starts.

You can place your bidsup to one hour before the auction starts(unless you wish to visit us and bid in the auction room). We do not recommend waiting until the last moment, as the bids are listed strictly in the order in which they are received in our offices and in the case of equal bids, the lot will be adjudicated to the one that arrived first.

We would remind you that e-mail is not always immediate. Soler y Llachcannot be held responsible for bids that arrive after the deadline.

Soler y Llachdefends the bids received in order to adjudicate each lot to the highest bidder but at theLOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE. For example: if a lot has a starting price of €600 and there is one bid for €600, another for €700 and a third one for €1000, the lot will be adjudicated to the highest bidder for the sum of €750, in other words one bid (as per our bidding chart) more than the previous bid, except for variations in the bids that take place in the auction rooms.

An additional 20% plus the shipment and/or insurance costswill be added to the overall price of the adjudication for accessory expenses. The shipment of the articles adjudicated will be invoiced with a general nature independently of the condition or residence of the winner of the bid withVAT INCLUDED, covered by the Special Regime on used goods, objects of art, antiques, and collectors' items.

24 hours after the end of the auction, you may consult the[Prices realised]and you may place bids on the lots that have not been sold at their starting price (to which the expenses mentioned in the paragraph above will be applied).

Detailed conditions of how our bids function can be found on the [Conditions]page.


For the sale of material in stock, the function is similar to that of placing bids with the following differences:
·         The lots published are for sale whilst they are published on the website (unless another purchaser makes the purchase before you) and there is no limit on the date to place your bid.
·         The sale price is uniqueand it is published on the website, therefore it is not possible to offer a different price.
·         In view of the fact that all the offers are at the same price, sales are assigned following strict order of reception.
·         The price published on the website is the final NET price, VAT included. Only the additional transport and/or transport insurance expenses will be added.
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Marti Hervera and Soler y Llach

Auction Results
February 25th, 2016
Marti Hervera and Soler y Llach
Ancient Coins, highlighting Spanish and Colonial Spain Gold Coins and World Coins.
December 17th, 2015
Marti Hervera and Soler y Llach - Mail auction
Ancient Coins, highlighting Catalan Medieval Coins, Spanish, Colonial Spanish and World Coins and Spanish Banknotes.
December 17th, 2015
Marti Hervera and Soler y Llach
Ancient Coins, highlighting Catalan Medieval Coins, Spanish, Colonial Spanish and World Coins and Spanish Banknotes.
February 28, 2012
International coin auction with strong section spanish territorries as well as a large offer in banknotes.